What  to do and see around Eshowe

Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk

 Of the many beautiful forests of Zululand, Dlinza – which is surrounded by the town of Eshowe – is probably the most accessible and is currently visited by birdwatchers from all over the world hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare bird species such as the Spotted Ground Thrush or Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon. The best perspective of the forest can be gained from the aerial boardwalk which takes visitors through the canopy of the forest and finally to a viewing tower which emerges above the trees and reveals a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Ntumeni Forest

About 15 kms past Dlinza Forest on the road to Nkandla is the turn-off to the Ntumeni Nature Reserve, which is often overlooked by visitors to Dlinza. Sadly, because where Dlinza can be sombre – Zulu legends always connect it with burials and meditation – Ntumeni is enchanting and historically it has a happy association with the dashing younger brother of King Cetshwayo, Prince Dabulamanzi, who had his Royal homestead near the forest.

Ongoye Forest

The beauty of Ongoye Forest is its combination of textures – the velvet-like grassy hills fringed by tall dense forest with great granite domes emerging at random along the ridges. The 3 900-hectare forest runs for about 10kms on a high ridge parallel to the ocean and is about 4kms wide. Botanically rich as it contains plants from the temperate Eastern Cape forests as well as the forests of tropical Africa, Ongoye is a ‘must’ for the discerning nature lover.

Zululand Eco-Adventures

Zululand Eco-Adventures (Est 1995) offers packages that are tailor made around you and specific events in the Eshowe area. We have been doing Cultural Zulu Tours for over 20 years and are the only tour operators to offer so many varied real life experiences in Zulu life. Our team of Graham Chennells & Gugu Mhlongo have a vast and intimate knowledge of KZN and the Zulu people, and with our expertise we can make your experience the best in Southern Africa.

Eshowe Butterfly Dome

Tucked away in a hidden corner of the Fort Nongqayi complex, the Butterfly Dome and Education Centre provides a wonderful hands-on experience of nature for children of all ages. Created almost single-handedly by South American expert Dr Amerigo Bonkewitz, the extensive area contains tunnels, sandpits and a variety of other areas where children can get their hands dirty and their minds inspired.